Adwords Scripts

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Real vs Goal CPA label script

Creates a label with goal CPA set for that campaign/adgroup (taken from an online document) and advises what to do with it – lower, keep or make higher – based on last 7 days performance.
For ex. if your avg CPA in last 7 days is 2 USD and you’re goal is 1.6 USD, it’ll create a label “Lower till 1.6”


Expensive KWs script

It labels “Expensive” the KWs that have CPA twice higher than their campaign average one in last 30 days.


Only 1 ad script

Labeling agroups with just 1 ad on MCC level for all our accounts.


Budget order checking script

Checks % of amount spend, compares it with 4 thresholds during the months and alert in case we overspend.

For ex. 

“Today on 25 day of the month budget of account *** is already spent 80%. 

New suggested budget order is 6861 USD.”


% of goal reached

Checks everyday what % of monthly goals campaign has by now.

For ex. labels campaign “d:9;m:13%” as of goal 9 daily conversions and 13% reached of total monthly conversion in current month.